Hi! I’m Jordan, I created this blog to document my favorite things. I am the wife to an insanely amazing husband, the dog mom to three, a rabbit mom to one, and a human mom to one on the way due in January 2017. This blog is just that, my blog to share and keep recipes, cleaning lists, dog and rabbit helpful tips, and a place to document my pregnancy and keep a log of little treasures I find and don’t want to lose.

I am a rain, cold weather, slippers, and coffee with hazelnut (only) creamer kind of person. Blankets, Pillows, Pixar, Disney, Books – I’m a certified professional couch potato. I read – A L O T and this is a wonderful place to keep my index of books I’ve read, and what I thought of them; and book lists of books I want to read.

I really hope at some point you find something helpful or at least entertaining here – if not, let me know what you would like to see – maybe it’s something that interests me as well and I just didn’t think of it.

Oh, and here are some of my favorite pictures from our September 2015 wedding

View More: http://daniellecotephotography.pass.us/jordanandjamesView More: http://daniellecotephotography.pass.us/jordanandjamesView More: http://daniellecotephotography.pass.us/jordanandjames