To Kill A Mockingbird – Film Edition

One thing so spectacular about the film is: Gregory Peck.

There was no one more perfect than Mr. Peck to bring Atticus Finch to life.

This story is one of the ones that grounds you, it brings you back to life after you are in a slump, after you just feel like you can’t handle the reality of reality. This is a go to.

Scout is a character who identifies without almost everyone at some point in there life. There is something that fascinates you (or has in the past) to the point of childlike excitement when you need to be in “the know” and not be left behind to the be the last to figure it out or hear the news.

I am always the last to know when it comes to fandoms. I always find them late – with the exception of Harry Potter. I have been a Potterhead since I was 11 when the first book came out. I grew up in the Potter Generation so I was there for each book release, each movie release, each time we needed to know more.

I would encourage anyone to read the book at least once, but preferably twice. And then after the second go round, after you really understand Atticus and Scout and mostly Boo – that you watch the movie. There is SO much left out of the book that its kind of a let down from a bookbear standpoint – but its a nice depiction. Also its on Netflix. So thats awesome.


I am so sorry for this half-assed post. It totally isn’t like me to not give something 100% but the book is just better.

Army Wives

When this show was airing I really hated everything about it. I thought it was annoying and overrated. But here is what I learned when I started watching it on Netflix (which if you don’t know by now is my guilty pleasure)

Army Wives is relatable. By this point in 2016 every one person knows another person who is in the military. I think the this show alone really gives a lot of perspective & a lot of vision and clarity to Army life. My best friends husband (also my husbands best friend) recently left for Army boot camp, so now every episode of Army Wives I really feel like is in some small way reflective of her new life and their new adventure.

You will become entranced, you will become emotionally involved with each of these women, and you will have favorites. I personally loved Claudia Joy. And I really hated Roxie. I didn’t mind Denise and I loved Pamela. I also loved Claudia Joy’s husband – like he was my show crush. Their relationship was #goals.

In all – the show should have ended a little sooner, and there should have been some dramatic ending but there wasn’t and the show was so real that it could have gone one forever.

The Office

I’m not sure where to begin this post. I fell in love with this show years ago, and that love is still going strong. I watch this series (and I mean seasons 1-9) every year at least 2 or 3 times.

When I get home from a bad or stressful or just long day at work here is what makes me happy:

My Dogs



Michael Scott

Literally in that order. My husband is in the mix somewhere depending on the day and the mood and whether or not the trash was taken out before I get home. But Michael Gary Scott never fails to make me happy. The Scrantones are perfection & it takes about 1 second of the theme song and my heart instantly feels lighter, happier, and right.

And that might sound ridiculous to a lot of people. Some may think that I am being dramatic, weird, odd, or just creepy – but here’s the thing – this is my happy place: the office reruns, popcorn, and my couch.

It wouldnt’ be fair for me to give you some rating or review for this series except this: Michael Scott believes that his Dunder Mifflin work environment is a family, and as you experience this show, and watch the seasons – you build a relationship with these characters, and by the finale, you find out that Michael Scott was right. This was a family, and you were a part of it too.

Beautiful Darkness

I haven’t hidden my obsession with the Caster Chronicles (aka – Beautiful Creatures Series) nor with their fearless creator: Kami Garcia. This book was FULL to the brim with emotion. I didn’t know what was happening or what I was feeling or why I was so upset but I can tell you this with full confidence – I was in a literary funk. And for any true bookworm there is some serious weight in that statement.

I read this book and by chapter 10 I was in a funk and I couldn’t get out of it. I carried Ethans burden around on my shoulders like a sack of flour. It wasn’t until we (Ethan, Link, and I) reached the Great Barrier that I was able to throw that sack of flour on the ground and move on with my life, right on back to Gatlin in Beautiful Chaos.

Seriously, if you aren’t reading Beautiful Creatures – start.

Ridiculous Six

Looking for something fun to watch on Netflix this week? I highly recommend Ridiculous Six for my fellow Adam Sandler fans out there.

Here are some warnings:

  • If you don’t like “dumb” comedy – you won’t like this
  • If you are too stuck up to laugh at small sexist/racist digs – you won’t like this. Sandler plays an American Indian & Rob Schneider plays a Mexican – you can imagine the accents.
  • If you don’t like Taylor Lautner – you will. His character renewed my faith in him, despite his hairy acting past (see what I did there?)
  • Give this movie time, I would say it took a good 10 or 15 minutes for me to start liking it and/or start laughing. It isn’t immediately funny, but you will laugh – I pinky promise.



Harry is an eleven year old nerdy kid who lives in a closet and is emotionally and verbally abused by his Aunt, Uncle, and cousin. His parents died when he was an infant, and he was given to his family to be raised, and protected. Obviously since he spends the majority of the time taking heat and playing with spiders in a closet he is awkward and has no real social skills, so when letters start arriving from Hogwarts (the best place on earth) Harry gets excited; and once again his stupid family ruins it with their self-centeredness. Harry is approached by Hagrid, his first real friend, who introduces Harry to the world of Wizard. Hagrid, who is also super awkward, buys Harry a REAL Birthday present (love you Hedwig!) and they have this instant bond, like two peas in a pod who saved one another from a tough situation at just the right time. Harry runs off to Kings Cross, bumps into the Weasley crew, and hops the train to Hogwarts. Naturally, Ron and Harry sit together, and are lectured by Hermione and her frizz. The trio join forces unexpectedly from trolls, to potions, breaking into libraries, to breaking protection spells. They are always in some kind of trouble & are the nosiest group of friends ever. But once the save the Wizard World (Thanks again Harry) they are rewarded with rainbows, friendship, and the House Cup! (Go! Go! Gryffindor!)

So I read this book for the first time when I was eleven (crazy, right) and I LOVED it, I read the first five pages at my aunts house waiting for my mom to come pick me up and I was done, hooked, gonzo. Harry Potter ruled my life from that moment on. I had to finish it, it became an instant obsession, and since that day I have read this particular book twelve times, and I just started reading it again a few months ago. I didn’t read it through this last time, I just needed some HP in my life, so I closed it flat and opened it and read it from that page to the end🙂 Totally the best move! I can’t express my nerdy love for HP. It has extended to clothes, multiple copies of each book being owned, a personalized license plate and a Deathly Hallows bumper sticker…oh and a time turner hanging from my rear viewed mirror… and I’m listening to the soundtrack.. and I have the ring tone. OMG this is getting sad.

Harry Potter is amazing and if you haven’t read this life Get Your Life (GYL) and read it!

5 Stars! (I’m sure you are SOOOO surprised.)

My Favorite Series To Read

So I love magical, paranormal, fantasy, sci-fii type books. I love being able to be engulfed in such fun works that I get get lost and just pretend like it exists, like it’s real. It sparks my imagination and takes me away. So here are some of my series that whisk me away!

So here are my favorite series to read:

1. Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling

2. The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins

3. Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris

4. The Dark Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon

5. The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer

6. The Shiver Series by Maggie Stiefvater

* Be on the lookout for follow up posts about each book in each series & their reviews!!